1. Non-destructive investigations (by use of appropriate test equipment), control and inspections, expert opinions, analysis and preparation of engineering reports on the existing structures’ condition.
  2. Site inspections, development of expert reports, soil sampling, static and dynamic soil penetration tests, lab analyses of the soil parameters for construction works, in landslides, embankments and soil erosion areas.
  3. Geodetic surveying of sites in local coordinate system. Placement of temporary survey marks for use in the local geodetic grid. Development of vertical alignments (profiles) for excavation works and embankment construction purposes. Development of setting-out datasheets.
  4. Deformation surveying and permanent control of unacceptable movements, cracks and deformations in existing structures through periodic measurement, analysis and reporting of the deformation markers’ movement in the defected areas.
  5. Soil mechanics: design of formation levels, foundations, piles and buttresses. Design of retaining walls and supporting structures.